LEAD ‘EM UP Awards Two Port Washington Student-Athletes with National GREEN13 Leadership Award

Port Washington, [May 2023] - The LEAD ‘EM UP organization recognized two Port Washington student-athletes, Ally Carillo and Sam Mills, by awarding them with their national leadership award, the GREEN13 award. The award recognizes exceptional leadership and character at the highest level and is given annually to thirteen student-athletes from around the country. Each winner is nominated by their coach or teacher, and this year, Carillo and Mills were rewarded for their outstanding leadership qualities.


The GREEN13 award is part of the national Green Team Program, which celebrates student-athletes who embody the values of the LEAD ‘EM UP program. By recognizing exceptional leaders who set positive examples both on and off the field, the program inspires individuals to be better leaders and teammates.


"GREEN13 is our favorite day of the year. Getting the opportunity to celebrate thirteen student-athlete leaders across the country who’ve been demonstrating leadership and character at the highest level is such a privilege. Both Sam and Ally are so deserving of this award and are incredible representatives of Paul D. Schreiber High School and the Port Washington community," said Adam Bradley, Founder/President of LEAD ‘EM UP.


In addition to the national recognition, Carillo and Mills will receive free Chik-Fil-A for a year. Port Washington had a previous winner of the GREEN13 award, in 2021, from Port Washington was Christian Schwirzbin in 2021.


Overall, the GREEN13 Award highlights the incredible individuals who best represent what it means to be “GREEN” and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. As Nick Schratwieser, Port Washington’s Athletic Director said, "Great leaders, like Ally and Sam, set a positive example by serving others and striving to be their best in all aspects of their lives."


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ally and sam

Ally Carillo and Sam Mills.


ally sam AD

Ally Carillo, Sam Mills, and Athletic Director Nick Schratwieser.



coaches with sam

Coach Jake Roessler, Sam Mills, and Coach Sean Dooley.



carillo with coaches

Coach Alex Caprariello, Ally Carillo, Coach Eric Sutz, and Coach Alyssa Czarnecki.



carillo with coach

Coach Christina Bruno and Ally Carillo.




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