Three Paul D. Schreiber High School Seniors Receive Building Bridges Award

Three students from Paul D. Schreiber High School were designated as recipients of the Students Building Bridges Award by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island for working to build a more civil society.

JCRC-LI hosted the Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration at Adelphi University on May 7, 2024. Jacob Gottesman, Eve Siff-Scherr and Ori Shimon were among those honored.

The students each received citations from elected officials, a certificate from JCRC, and a book by Holocaust survivor Leo Ullman called “796 Days: Hiding as a Child in Occupied Amsterdam During WWII and then Coming to America.” Mr. Ullman is also a long-time Port Washington resident and maintains a deep connection to Port Washington School District.

More about the students:

Jacob Gottesman

As an intern with The David and Goliath Project, he has been actively involved in developing impactful educational content that raises awareness about the history of slavery, racism, & antisemitism. In addition, as an activist with the American Jewish Committee's Leaders for Tomorrow program, Jacob has advocated against antisemitism at the highest levels, meeting with political leaders and diplomats in Washington D.C. Jacob also, along with his younger sister, co-founded an initiative called ‘Give It a Purpose’ to provide gently used clothing donations to domestic abuse shelters and Israeli soldiers.

Eve Siff-Sherr

Eve has been instrumental in fostering interfaith dialogue and understanding through her involvement in Project Understanding. Her participation in this initiative exemplifies her commitment to building bridges of empathy and solidarity across different faith communities, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate society. She has also actively engaged in initiatives such as the Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) program and Adopt a Survivor, where she cultivated meaningful relationships and honed her skills as a critical thinker and community leader.

Ori Shimon

Ori has demonstrated a remarkable passion for making a positive impact on his school and community.  One particularly noteworthy endeavor of Ori's was his involvement in a delegation to San Diego, where he joined his friends in sharing their experiences and feelings with the Jewish community there. During the 10-day program at the San Diego Jewish Academy, Ori and his peers engaged in meaningful dialogue, paid tribute to fallen soldiers, and forged connections within the community. His participation in this delegation reflects his deep sense of empathy and his desire to support those who have suffered.

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