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Vision and Mission

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Paul D. Schreiber High School empowers our diverse student body to be self-sufficient, socially conscious, and engaged members of our school and society by providing a comprehensive education in a safe learning environment that promotes equity and opportunity for all.


  • To ensure that excellence is achieved through high expectations and accountability.
  • To provide a varied, dynamic curriculum that is responsive to the needs of all students.
  • To provide a climate that promotes interaction among staff, students, and community members.
  • To provide a safe school environment where creativity and individuality can flourish.
  • To promote independent thinking and a sense of personal fulfillment through the creative arts.
  • To provide the opportunity for each individual to discover, understand and accept self in order to realize his/her own potential for social and academic growth.
  • To encourage democratic values which celebrate diversity and respect for the rights of every individual.
  • To provide co-curricular and athletic programs that meet the needs and interests of students.