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Emergency Procedures

Instructions for action during fire drills are posted in every room.

Students must follow the teachers' directions.


  • Walk rapidly and do not talk.
  • Once outside, move far away from the building and off the street to allow firemen access to the building.
  • Any students setting off a false alarm or tampering with fire extinguishers will be subject to prosecution.


If the fire alarm sounds when you are in class:

  • Follow your teacher out of the building. All teachers have green placards with their names on it.
  • Remain with your teacher and in your fire drill location unless otherwise instructed


If the fire alarm sounds when you are in the cafeteria or in the front of the building:

  • Students having lunch in the cafeteria or in front of the building must report to the tennis court area during a fire drill.
  • Remain with the EA staff in the area unless otherwise instructed.
  • If you are sent to an evacuation location, follow the EA staff to your evacuation area.


If the fire alarm sounds in between periods:

  • Exit the building as quickly as possible and listen for directions.
  • An evacuation location will be designated. Listen to teachers for location.
  • At the evacuation location find your teacher from the class period you just left. For example, if an alarm sounds in between periods 2 and 3 go to your period 2 teacher.

If there is an evacuation to one of our evacuation locations.


Follow your teachers to the designated evacuation location.

  • Remain with your teacher and your class. Your teacher will keep your class together in a group and away from other classes.
  • Remain in the evacuation location until the “all clear” is given and you are allowed to return to school. It is important you remain with your class and teacher. In the event that parents come to school to take students home a parent reunion area will be set up. We will need to find you if this happens.

If there is a lockdown emergency:


  • A code will be announced over the loudspeaker that your teacher will recognize.
  • If you are in class, follow your teacher’s directions. Your teacher will lock your door.
  • Teachers have been instructed on what to do during a lock down.
If there is a lockdown emergency and you are in the library, follow the directions of the library staff just as you would in a classroom.


If there is a lockdown emergency and you are in the cafeteria:

Assistant Principals will either order an evacuation or instruct students to remain in cafeteria. In the event of an evacuation:

  • Students are to immediately be evacuated to the auditorium and music rooms. In certain cases (i.e. gunfire) students may be directed to evacuate the building and report to the tennis court area.
  • Please listen carefully for directions and only use exterior doors if they are needed. Do not go through the halls to get to emergency locations.
  • Students in the middle of the cafeteria may exit the building and reenter the main entrance and head into the auditorium.
  • Students in the rear of the cafeteria may exit the building from the rear and reenter by Tech wing / Print Shop entrance.
If there is a lockdown emergency and you are in the hall:
  • Immediately move into the nearest classroom or resource area.


What should I do if there is gunfire in the school?

  • Follow lock down procedures. In most situations this is the safest procedure.
  • Staff and students are encouraged to respond creatively and to “think on their feet” if needed. For example:
  • If gunfire is getting closer to your classroom escape via emergency windows and break glass if necessary to expedite egress from the building.
  • Use items available to assist in escape or avoidance. Computers may be used to break windows; soap on floors may hinder the progress of an attacker; and fire extinguishers may also be of use.
  • If movement from cafeteria to predestinated evacuation rooms creates additional risk, staff and students are encouraged to exit the building and move to an evacuation location.
  • Never move towards gunfire, always move away regardless of procedures.
  • Students who are outside the building with PE classes, or at lunch, should go to the Port Washington Police Department or the PW library.
How can you help?
  • Do not prop open doors. They must remain securely locked to guard against intruders. During an evacuation always remain with your teacher.
  • Do not use your cell phones during an evacuation. All parents will be informed via the Edlio Broadcast System. Using your cell phones will cause you to miss valuable instructions and directions.
  • Remain calm during an evacuation.
  • The nurses and counseling staff will be available at designated stations to assist you. Use them if you need help or support.
  • Do not play games during an evacuation. We may need to find you if your parents are looking for you and if you are playing games this will be difficult.
  • Show respect for emergency responders who are willing to take risks for your safety by remaining with your teachers in a calm and orderly manner.