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Clubs & Activities

Schreiber High School offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities. Through these activities and clubs, students have the opportunity to develop friendships, expand skills and talents, pursue interests, and/or provide service to both school and community. Every student is encouraged to become involved in at least one of these activities during the school year. Students should watch for bulletin and PA announcements of meeting times and locations.


Club Participation and School Attendance

A student, who is ill causing him/her to miss part or all of the school day, will be ineligible to participate in an extracurricular activity on that date.


A student who is absent from school for the entire day for reasons other than illness shall be ineligible to take part in after school activities on that day unless the school has granted prior approval.



A Cappella

Mr. Gawronski

Perform a capella music


Art Honor Society*

Ms. Thomas

Community Service, art projects, art workshops.


Chess Club

Mr. Wolfert

Web Site for playing, Chess matches and tournaments.


Christian Group (JAM)

Mr. Crivelli

Discussion regarding Christianity


Class Club: grade 12

Ms. Erikson


Class Club: grade 11

Ms. Choit


Class Club: grade 10

Mr. Crivelli


Class Club: grade 9



Coding Club

Mr. Feldmann

Learn how to club using Girls Who Code curriculum


Debate Team *

Ms. McClean

Local tournaments / National Tournaments / State Championships


Drama Club

Ms. Schulman/Ms. Lally

Play readings, student-run productions, seminars in acting and directing


English Honor Society*

Ms. Cohan/Ms. Mills

Chapter of National Honor English Society.


Foreign Lang. Honor Soc. & Mod. Lang.*     

Ms. Doherty

Tutoring, Margi Gras, Carnivale, International Movie Night, Foreign Language Week, Honor Society Induction.



 Ms. Saraceni

State and National Competitions.  Speakers promoting business careers and entrepreneurial projects


Gay/Straight Alliance

Mr. Crivelli

Day of Silence, National Coming Out Day and other awareness events


Human Relations Club


Senior Citizen luncheon and Community Service


iCulture Club

Ms. Najera-Pollak

Students discuss cultural diversity.


International Homework

Ms. Barbieri

Academic and social interaction among students of diverse backgrounds; commemoration of many holidays.


Jazz Band*

Mr. Pinelli

School concerts, Night of Jazz.



Ms. Baglio


Key Club

Ms. Goldstein

Opportunities to do volunteer work in the school and in the community


Latin Club

Ms. Griffin

Saturnalia event; participate in Latin contests


Letter Club*


Service club



Mr. Tedesco

Practice challenging math problems; compete against other Nassau schools


Mock Trial

Mr. Valente

Competes in Mock Trial Tournaments.


Model Congress/UN


Local model congress competitions


Mu Alpha Theta

Mr. Ferruso

Peer tutoring, celebrate Pi Day, organize honor society induction ceremony


National Honor Society*

Mr. Klaff

Peer tutoring, community projects, Schreiber mentoring, running local chapter of NHS


Natural Helpers*

Ms. Najera-Pollak

Training to be Natural Helpers for peers


Painting Club

Ms. Best

Drawing, painting, clay, collage, crafts, jewelry


Peer Helpers*

Ms. Linsner

Facilitate freshman groups, participate in freshman orientation, suicide prevention program and yoga nights.



Ms. Thomas

Use of dark room to develop prints, color, and black-and-white


Radio Club

Mr. Klaff

Create radio station programming to broadcast from the facility funded by PWEF.




Relay for a Cure

Ms. Avazis

Raising awareness funds for the American Cancer Society


Robotics Club

Mr. Stepanek

Participate in the building of robots and participating in competitions against entries from the other school.


S.A.D.D. /Substance Abuse

Ms. Giliof

Chain of Life, Day of the Dead, and Kick Butts Day.


Schreiber Academics*

Mr. Klaff

Inter-school competitions


Schreiber Times (Newspaper)

Ms. Zarkh/ Ms. Cotter

Publication of ten issues of the school newspaper. (


Science Honor Society*

Mr. Crivelli

Formal lectures, Informal lectures, Elementary school visits, Honor Society


Science Olympiad

Ms. Ezratty

Participate in Science Olympiad competitions


Social Studies Honor Society*

Ms. Dietz

Honor Society for students who excel in Social Studies. Tutor students.


Student Council

Ms. Dietz/Ms. Foster-Holzer

Pride in Port, Club Fair, window painting, spirit week, elections


Treehuggers Club

Mr. Crivelli

Hug trees saves the planet


Tri M Music Honor Society*


Music Honor Society. Community service


TV/Video Production

Mr. Koch

Film, edit, and produce TV and video productions


Viking Band

Mr Helfner/Mr. Prindle


Yearbook (Port Light)

Ms. Baglio

Planning, preparing, and producing the annual yearbook.  Photography, copyrighting, layout, design, and book sales.