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Student Services

Schreiber High School offers variety of services to support students in and out of school.

Paul D. Schreiber High School offers a robust Guidance and Counseling Center. Counselors are assigned to students when they begin 9th grade and remain with them until graduation from Schreiber. 

Students who wish to see their counselor may:

  • Schedule an appointment with the secretary.
  • Drop-in during their unscheduled class time.
  • Email their counselor.
  • Make an online appointment (will be introduced in 2023-2024).

School Counselors provide:

  • Assistance in decisions about career planning, post high school planning, programs of study, and specific courses
  • Group and individual counseling on various social/emotional and academic topics to promote self-awareness, academic success, and healthy decision making.
  • Articulation with college representatives/fall/spring college fairs
  • Annual Individual Progress Reviews (IPR) for each student in each grade to discuss academic, college/career, and post-secondary goals
  • Orientation meetings with new students and parents
  • Parent workshops on different topics throughout the year

Counselor Resource Center – Room 112

  • Visits from college representatives
  • Counselor workshops
  • General College/Career information
  • Special information meetings


To find out more information about Guidance and Counseling events:


Schreiber High School College Entrance Examination Code (CEEC): 334605


Scholarship information can be found:

  • Naviance Student
  • In the Guidance and Counseling office
  • On the Counseling bulletin boards
  • In the Vikings Counselor Connection newsletter
  • Be sure to listen to the daily announcements and check your Portnet email!


Students who are ill should report to their class to obtain a pass before reporting to the medical office. Students may go home only after the school nurse has contacted a parent or guardian.


Whenever possible, visits should be made during free time for routine paperwork, sports clearances, and minor health issues (mosquito bites, band aids, mild colds, etc.) All significant medical problems should be reported to the nurse, whether they occur at home or at school.


Medical Sign-outs:

Students who have medical or dental appointments during school hours should bring a note from their parent/guardian with the requested time of release, name of physician, and phone number. All appointments will be verified. Students must sign out in the office of the assistant principal. Should they return to school it is expected that the student sign back in with the assistant principal.



Any student on medication, including inhalers, that must be taken during school hours must see the school nurse for review.



All injuries, no matter how slight, should be reported to the medical office.


Sports Clearances:

All students interested in trying out for a team must have a updated sports physical, permission slip and interim health form on file with the nurse’s office before they can try out. You must verify clearance on ASPEN or through the parent portal or ask the nurse directly.  Students who do not have all forms completed by the tryout date could lose their opportunity to try out for a team.


Physical Education Medical Excuses:

All excuses are processed through the medical office. Long-term excuses require a physician's note including the diagnosis and length of time excused. Retroactive doctor's notes will not be accepted and students are reminded that all missed classes need to be made up.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

There are four defibrillators in the school. (In each classroom is a green wall-mounted card that lists the locations of the AEDs). One is mounted on the wall located at the intersection where the science hallway meets the main hallway; a second one is located at the entrance to the gymnasium; a third one is located on the ground floor across from the elevator; the fourth is located on the second floor across from the elevator. The AED is an emergency device that is used to restart a person’s failed heartbeat. Immediately seek emergency help from the medical office.

Psychological services are available to all students. The social workers and psychologists help students cope with academic concerns or resolve some difficulty students may be experiencing with parents, teachers or friends. To make an appointment with either the social worker or psychologists, leave your name, grade, and the time(s) you are free with the guidance secretary. Ms. Najera-Pollack and Mr. Mejia are our social workers. Dr. Clauss and Ms. Czarnecki are the psychologists assigned to Schreiber.

The Schreiber Library Media Center, located on the second floor of the new wing, was established to complement the curriculum and to meet the research and informational needs of students and staff members. You are encouraged to use the library during your free periods.    


The library print collection includes fiction, non-fiction, biographies, short stories and reference materials. Use the OPAC (electronic card catalog) to locate materials you need. In addition, the library has a large magazine and newspaper collection. Current issues are on display for your use.  Archival editions are housed at the circulation desk.


There is an extensive digital collection that can be accessed through the library webpage. There are databases, e-reference books, journals, primary sources and a research guide.


There is a computer lab in the library that is open for your use every day. When the computer lab is full, you may check out a Chromebook for one period and use it within the library. A student photo ID is required for borrowing a Chromebook.


Library Guidelines:


  • A student ID is required for borrowing materials
  • Respect others’ right to work by keeping a quiet atmosphere
  • No food or drink are permitted in any area of the library
  • Cell phones may be used for schoolwork only. Please do not make or receive calls while you are in the library
  • Computers and Chromebooks can be used for school related work only


Be sure to visit the library website for up-to-date information

Library Media Center Website

It can be found under the student section of the Schreiber main page.

Students are only permitted to have lunch in the cafeteria, commons, or at the outside picnic tables. Students are not permitted to eat, congregate, or be seated in the hallways at any time throughout the day.


Food delivery to students is not permitted.


Cafeteria Hours:

Open to all students during the following times:


7:30 - 8:00
  8:15 - 10:00
10:20 - 1:00
Throughout the day


Students are encouraged to have their lunch in the cafeteria or commons.


Everyone's assistance is needed in keeping the school clean. All garbage must be placed in receptacles.


The Student Commons is located on the second floor and offers students an alternative area for lunch. Students may bring lunch from home or make use of the lounge vending machines.  On certain days and/or times the Student Commons may be closed.

If a student is under 18 years of age, he/she must obtain working papers in order to accept employment. The law has certain requirements concerning the type of work a student may do, the hours, and the conditions under which he/she may work.


Applications and all necessary information may be obtained at the Main Office. Students must have had a physical within the last year.


If you are 14 or 15 years old: While school is in session, you can work a maximum of 3 hours per day on a school day and 8 hours on a non- school day, up to 18 hours a week total, and no more than 6 days a week. You are not allowed to work before 7 o'clock in the morning or later than 7 o'clock in the evening.


If you are 16 or 17 years old: While school is in session you can work a maximum of 4 hours a day Monday through Thursday, 8 hours on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 6 days a week for a total of no more than 28 hours. If your employer wants you to work past 10:00 p.m. and up to 12 midnight while school is in session, your employer must have your parent's written permission on a special form available from the Department of Labor.

Whenever you need information, a referral, or help of any kind, call any of the hotlines or centers listed below. You might also want to share the information with your parents, brothers, sisters, or friends. Your teachers, school counselor, psychologist, nurse teacher, social worker, and building administrators are also available to offer help. Speak to them if you're having some difficulty or just want to talk.







631-385-AIDS (2437)


516- 433-8003


516- 741-4030





YOU NEED IT (Suicide Prevention)

516-504-Help (4357)






988 - anonymous tip line and helpline

User Name:    Schreiber

Password:      Schreiber