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Building and Grounds

Students are provided with Schreiber ID cards and lanyard for convenience. Students are required to always carry and display their official Schreiber I.D. cards and must present them to any staff member upon request. Refusal by a student to present an ID card upon request will be deemed as an insubordinate act and as such the student shall be suspended from school. Lost or stolen ID cards must be replaced within one school day. The cost of replacement is $5.00. Payment shall be made to the main office secretary who will provide students with a receipt they are to bring to the assistant principal, Mr. Miller, who will provide the replacement ID card. Students found not to consistently display school ID are subject to disciplinary action.

Students are expected to enter and exit through the main lobby throughout the school day and display their ID card upon entry.

Locks and lockers are the property of the school and are provided to students while officially enrolled at Schreiber. Only those locks issued by the school may be placed on school lockers. All others will be removed. Students are responsible for the return of the lock assigned or paying for a replacement. Your locker should be locked at all times.


Locker assignments cannot be changed without the approval of the grade administrator. Writing on either the outside or inside is prohibited.


The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of items stored in a locker. When necessary, arrangements can be made in the main office to temporarily store money and other valuables.


Under law, students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in school lockers, desks, or other storage places. Since the school exercises overriding control over such property, these storage places may be subject to inspection at any time by school officials.


Freshmen and sophomores will be assigned student lockers. Juniors and seniors will be offered lockers upon request and on a limited basis. Students may not share lockers.

The use of electronic devices in the classrooms, at assemblies, and during safety drills is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized by a school official. The use of electronic devices outside the building, in the cafeteria, in the student commons, or during class changes is acceptable. Inappropriate use of electronic devices or use which is deemed disruptive or unsafe may result in any of the following consequences:


Any staff member, administrator, teacher, TA, EA, secretary, etc. may confiscate the device.

-           Parents may be notified.

-           Parents may be required to pick up the electronic device.

-           Student may be assigned in school or after school detention.

-           Student may be assigned in school or out of school suspension.


If a staff member has confiscated an electronic device, the device will be turned over to the appropriate grade level administrator as soon as possible. Any student who refuses a staff member request to turn over an electronic device will be considered insubordinate and subject to further disciplinary action.


The use of personal recording devices in and around the school must be approved by the grade level administrator who may grant permission for recording use for class projects or specific school events.

No student is permitted to be in the woods adjacent to the building or campus.

Students are not permitted to sit, stay or gather on the school deck in the front of the building.


Off-campus privileges do not permit loitering on adjacent streets or on the lawns of neighboring houses. Students are expected to abide by this directive and to refrain from gathering or undertaking questionable behavior in front of houses. Students who are permitted off-campus are expected to pass civilly through neighborhoods on the way to a destination.


Seniors and Juniors may leave school grounds any time they do not have a class. Off-campus privileges do not permit loitering on adjacent streets or on the lawns of neighboring houses.


Off-Limits Areas on Campus Sophomores and Freshmen:


Freshman and sophomore students may only use the following areas outside the building during the school day: benches, picnic tables, and the grassy area around the flagpole. All other areas are off-limits, and offenders will be subjected to disciplinary action.


Freshmen and Sophomores who leave campus will be assigned after-school detention on the day following the infraction.


Continued violations will result in additional detentions and/or suspension.


Students who do not respect the directive to avoid loitering on adjacent streets or on the lawns of neighboring houses may have off-campus privileges revoked in addition to other disciplinary action as follows:


1st offense:  Warning

2nd offense: Off-campus privileges revoked for 2 weeks; ID confiscated

3rd offense:  Off-campus privileges revoked for 1 month; ID confiscated

4th offense:  Off-campus privileges permanently revoked In-school suspension (1/2 day)

5th offense:  In-school suspension (1 day)

6th offense:  Out-of-school suspension (1 day)


Student Parking


Parking on campus is for staff members only. Students are not permitted to park in the faculty lot until after 3:05 p.m.


Only seniors who have registered their cars may park in the Monfort lot. Permits are available at any time of the year. Please see Senior parking information to request a permit.


Juniors may NOT park on campus in either the Upper lot or the Monfort lot. Violators will be assigned in-school suspension and the parent will be notified.


Students parking is “first come, first served.”


Students who park illegally or in faculty-reserved spots in the Monfort lot will be subject to the following penalties:

  • 1st offense student’s parking is revoked for 3 weeks.
  • 2nd offense student’s car will be towed, and parking privileges will be permanently revoked.
Students parking in the main lot will be assigned In-school suspension in addition to the two consequences listed above.


The administration reserves the right to search any student vehicle parked in the Monfort lot or any other school grounds.


Student Parking Applications

No student is permitted to drive on campus until after school. Students may neither drop-off nor pick-up other students on Campus Drive or anywhere else on campus. This driving rule shall also apply to mornings before classes begin. Violation of this rule will result in in-school suspension and a temporary loss of parking privileges.

Bathrooms are locked between periods.  Students leaving during class must sign out during class in order to use the bathroom. This will limit the number of students in any bathroom at one time.

All Student postings of any kind must be approved by the assistant principal in charge of student activities before they can be posted around the building.  They may only be posted in areas designated for student use. Any flyer that has not been approved or is posted in a non-designated posting area will be removed. Continued violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action.

Visitors must report to the main office upon arrival. All visitors are strongly encouraged to come to the school by appointment only. The grade administrator   will provide visitors with a note allowing them to be with a student only when prior arrangements have been made. Law requires all visitors to sign-in, even graduates. This must be done to maintain security.