Letter from the Principal

January 2024 
Dear Schreiber High School Students:
Welcome to the start of the 2024-2025 scheduling process! This is an exciting time to carefully consider your options and select classes for the upcoming school year. We encourage you to discover and pursue your passions through the comprehensive course offerings at Schreiber High School. Through education, you can expand your knowledge and refine the skills needed to maximize your potential and prepare for your selected future. 
Please take a close look at the graduation requirements, including the number and type of credits required for each diploma type. In addition, you will find information about level changes, college credit, honors, advanced placement courses, NCAA requirements, and the senior experience. The most important information pertains to the description of courses offered in each department. Please take time to read the Program Planning Guide carefully. 
The current high school profile excerpts identify how well our students perform academically. We believe that our academic program will place you in an enviable position compared to the best high schools in our nation. Take advantage of the opportunities, and you will be headed for a lifetime of success on whatever path you choose.
Dr. Kathryn Behr
Dr. Kathryn Behr